Gregory David Allen(Flamesofphx)

Gregory AllenI have been working with computers, and conducting various technical hobbies since I was 5 years old. My first pc was a DAK 8086, and my first gaming console was a Commodore 64. I love taking apart anything and everything. This usually results in the creation of either really cool devices, or the use of a lot of duct tape. I have a BA in Integrative Studies from ASU, my primary concentration was education, with minors in engineering & geology. I consider myself a jack of all trades, and a master in a very specific set of things. My personal hobbies includes: rock hunting, off-roading, photography, modding, and taking things apart. With crafts, I am capable of sewing, beading, leather-working, computer graphics design, making scale models, and electronic circuit design (from schematics), although I know enough to combine components. For photography I am currently running a firmware modified Cannon 2TI (Magic Lantern Firmware). At home I have 5 computers, 4 1/2 networked, 1 network printer, and two media extenders currently. I use a combination router/modem. I am very adept at scanning photos including transparencies/negatives. At home I have converted all my families (even extended families photos) into a digital library. Some of the picture actually go back to silver photographs from all the way to the early 1910's. It includes over 25,000+ photos & over almost 30gb of data. I further have converted many VHS family vacation tapes to digital format. As for computers, I have worked with almost every OS's a person can think of and just love customizing them as much as I do other objects and electronics. When I moved over to my newest house I however, lost my primary workbench because of a moving mishap. I probably had almost 3 grand into that workstation. I used to make side money making power supplies, amps, and speakers (with full crossover circuits) during high school. I was the go to technician for our school's ROTC, which I took for 4 year in high school despite not being able to enter the military (Being a leader intrigues me, even though I do not understand why people need them. I was also the gopher for my high school's drama club. During high school I also learned a bit of piano playing. When the surprise youth center opened I helped out getting their computers up & running. I started school at EMCC in 1997 getting my AA in general studies I also tutored at the LEC in both math and geology. During the summers until 2004, I worked at ADOT as a summer engineering intern. In 2001, I transferred to ASU Main for engineering, however, I had to take a medical withdraw and the dean of the college did not let me continue in engineering after that. From there I was transferred into the geology department where I was not allowed to continue there because they would not let me into the field courses due to my heart problems. The school disability resource center suggested I move closer to home to ASU West where I was again transferred into education. There I completed the whole elementary education core, however, I was not allowed to do student teaching. They cited that I may not be able to control the behavior of younger classrooms. The final change was to the new college of integrative studies, which allowed me to graduate with my BA in Integrative studies with a concentration in education. I did my capstone project working in archiving/collection maintenance at the Glendale Bead Museum. Thus ending my 8 years for a 4 year degree. After college the only work I was quickly able to find (IE: the beginning of the economy tanking) was with Home Depot. I lasted about 1 1/2 years at the customer service desk before being forced to quit do to stability issues. I was unable to find work for 2 more year, then it was requested that I get into social security. I was able to get temporary work, however, that position did not ultimately work out either. After an additional year, it was decided that I needed to go back to school for networking administration and I am currently back in school for CISCO and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Training. I will never give up trying to become a productive member of society no matter how many times I keep getting kicked down!! I love helping out and teaching others. I also don't mind answering pretty much any personal questions, even those related to my disabilities. However, you must in general approach me. I do not in general seek others out for conversation. Please note I am very face blind, and you may need to meet me up to 20 times before I am able to associate you with your name and not get you confused with someone else. I also don't understand body language at all, and sometimes don't realize when a person is using metaphors. I however, don't mind if you are direct with me, and actually prefer it. As a side note though I am sensitive to sound, and touch. As such I do not like being touched (even patting me on the back or shaking my hand). If you have any other question for me. Please feel free to ask. - Gregory David Allen AKA the Flamesofphx
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